Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Well not much to report this week.

So this week a couple different times the topic of applying the scriptures to ourselves has come up. As I have studied my scriptures I have found that really more of the stories than I thought can be applied to me.  If we pray before study for Heavenly Father to point out the things we need to see, he can show us how the scriptures relate to us.  More often than not, in my case, he shows unto me my weaknesses. :)  Good thing we have the atonement so we can work to become better and overcome our weaknesses that we couldn't overcome on our own..

So there are cute goats that roam some of the areas here.  We walk down this one long road where trikes don't often go and this whole family of goats is just walking around eating and crossing the road.  It's really fun.  They are sooo cute.  Just like the puppy I held this week!!  Holding children is bawal but pets I think are okay.  He was the pet of someone so I wasn't too worried about diseases.  Anyway, he was so soft and small it was so fun to hold him. :)  Back to the goats now.  So one day we stopped at this little restaurant b/c my companion wanted to get something to eat.  Well all the dishes are out on a counter with glass lids on them so you can see and pick what you want.  Then they dish it up and serve with rice.  After we looked at all 5 of them she said never mind, I don't want them, they are all goat meat. “What?!”  I asked her, "How can you tell that just by looking at them?" Turns out there was a sign that said they were all goat that I hadn't seen. haha!  Anyway.  Just a story for the week. As you can tell, really not that much to report.

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's kingdom on the earth today and that it holds all the priesthood keys.  We can all strengthen our testimonies of this gospel through study and prayer. I'm grateful that I get to serve in the Philippines and I'm grateful for rainy days that mix things up a little. :) Have a great week!

Sister Hamm 

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