Dear Family,
Thanks for all the concern with the Typhoon.  I was hopping you wouldn't worry. :) Glad you had peace and the news which we don't get any of.  They do keep us very safe.  We are in housing that is matibay-- uhhh-- won't fall down easily (stink in english haha) and we even were told to stay in on Friday just in case the wind got too strong or brought down power lines. We didn't lose power.  We got nothing more than a little strong wind and rain here but our prayers are with those that are more affected in other areas of the Philippines. We all wanted to go out and work but it left me time to make tacos which was really fun and such an experiment here. :) Success!  

Wow!! Yummy filipino food from the S Family for you.  Sometimes I have turron for breakfast.. but I want to know how Sister S did that cause I am pretty sure the bananas I use here don't exist in the states.  I will love to talk to them when I get back.  I am sure I will be homesick for the Philippines sometimes. haha. So funny that you said menudo or kaldareta.. cause yea.. it's like no one knows what the difference is.. but you may is one of my favorites!  

This week was good but also difficult.  We walked around a lot with not many people home, but it was still good. This Sunday was Fiesta (a catholic tradition but the whole city celebrates) so our Sacrament attendance was down but some of our less actives still came which was thrilling!

For the Sacrament they use normal white bread. mmm. And they use purified water for the sacrament.  The church has to buy the blue plastic jugs of water for the sacrament water.

Candies aren't very varied here. I haven't noticed any real difference for holidays BUT the desserts do change. Ube is more in season in the ber months so those are popular here around Christmas and on Sunday for the fiesta. Masarap! 

Loved your thoughts on everything being okay because of Jesus Christ.  If I were to die I know it wouldn't feel okay to anyone at first but eventually its true, it all comes down to the perfect plan of salvation. God's will is best. Always. No questions. SO we push forward with faith until we reach the celestial kingdom and live together forever in eternal happiness with our Heavenly Parents.

NO time for the spiritual thought! eek! sorry.  Next week I'll make up for it. 

Love you so much!
Sister Hamm