Tuesday, August 20, 2013


August 12, 2013

Dear Family
Thanks so much for the emails, love and pictures.  Sounds like you are having fun on vacation. Thanks so much mom for the stories. :) It was so happy reading about the cousins.  I know you are giving them all my love. :)   Quick note that was cool... This week we took a little shortcut... not like Elder Hamm's shortcuts. :)  This was just a little path by this little creek.  But as we walked by it and crossed the bridge over the creek I was totally reminded of Groveland Rapids. I paused for just a sec to take it in and then wondered when you would be going there since I knew it would be soon. It made me feel close to y'all. Then turns out (of course, different b/c of the time difference.) I was at the creek Thurs and you were at the rapids Thurs. haha.  It's the little things in life.
So big news for this week is I am transferring.  Well at least 99% sure of that.  As we greeted everyone at the door to church I just kept thinking of how much I have learned from them (ward members), how much I admire each of them and how I will miss them. :)  But at the same time it is time for a change and the best part is-- Heavenly Father is in control-- just like always. So, Next week I will email you from somewhere different with lots of great newness.  Good things just keep coming!
So I got an article from mom this week in the mail about missions and how good they are for the missionary that serves. Well-- It's true that my purpose here is to further Heavenly Father's redemptive work and help His children come unto Him.... but Heavenly Father is sooo good at hitting two or three birds with one stone. :)  I have learned so much on my mission about myself and others and the gospel.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity to learn and to grow.  I know that as we all focus on the eternal perspective life can look SO different than we normally see it. It is so easy to focus on the little things of here and now and to get distracted from our eternal destiny and purpose here on earth. But if we take a moment to see the bigger picture every moment becomes an opportunity to do something good, to choose to be better, to look outside of ourselves.  I know that we all will one day return to Heavenly Father to be judged and I want to live for that moment so I can honestly say I did my best.  Of course that day will only be happy through the atonement of Jesus Christ but after the bad is taken away through Him I want there to be some good left instead of a blank spot where my life should've been.  :P
Sister Hamm

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