Monday, October 28, 2013

Walking on Sunshine

Dear Family,

So this week has been great!  We were worried that we would have limited time (and we did have very limited time) because of a follow up meeting and a Sisters specialized training meeting. But, Heavenly Father helped us to have a super productive week.  We were able to see lots of little miracles from God.  One investigator who we thought had completely ignored our lesson on word of wisdom gave up coffee the day we taught it to him... plus his sister (who sometimes joins our lessons but wasn't there when we taught wow) picked up the pamphlet we left, read it and also started living the word of wisdom. :)  Sister H extended baptism to one investigator and I doubted for a second but the investigator sincerely accepted. And so many more.  The list feels endless.  The Spirit has been really strong this week and we are just walking on sunshine and trying to share the sunshine with others!
Sisters day was so great.  It was all about helping us be better missionaries and lets be honest... helping us relax. haha.  It was so sweet and delicious (free lunch).  We are grateful for all those that helped with the preparations.

So for questions: Grocery... okay they have grocery stores but it all depends on your area as to what type.  My last area was my area most like America and my area now is the least like America. haha.  The grocery store in this area has no fruits, vegetables, or meats.  So we go to the palangke for these.  I am going to miss the palangke so much when I get back to the states.  It is so fun! I almost took a picture last week.  I will totally get up the courage to do it sometime.  Mom would maybe be proud-- or horrified-- at the meat I have been eating. haha.  I just rinse it off when we get home.. then we cook it really well.... and then we pray over it.  It sounds like I definitely got the better food deal here than Josh because I have yet to get sick.  The palangke is really big.  In an outside-ish area but with a roof... like an open barn or big tents. It has everything you need pretty much, but we buy stuff like bread and milk and canned goods at the grocery store.  It makes shopping on P-day a little difficult because we make 3 different stops for groceries and there are no carts or anything so we carry all our stuff for the week.  Good thing I always liked to bring in all the groceries from the car in one trip, it was good practice. haha  Last week I bought ground pork for the first time from the market.... I am still to scared to use it... but this week.  Im gonna do it.  They ground it fresh so everyone tells me I'm safe.
Some people have refrigerators but many do not.  They either buy their groceries like every two days or buy stuff that will last out of the fridge.

Most people don't have computers at their homes.  Which is why internet shops are super popular and very busy.  Some people have computers in their houses but really not a ton.  They do however have cell phones and sometimes the cell phones are able to access internet if there is wi fi available.  I-pads.. okay I had thought apple didn't exist here.. someone said there were no towers for their service but I think that was maybe just on Palawan because some people here have I-phones. Many people have "ipads" but they are other companies.

Spiritual thought this week is from Mosiah 23:21--"Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith."  My patience has been tested sooo many times on my mission and this week too.  But it's amazing how if I try my best to use the very little patience I do have, it is always rewarded in the end.  This life isn't meant to be easy.  This life is meant to test us so we can grow and become better and happier.  Our faith will be tried.  Our patience will be tried but if we endure it well, it will all work together for our good!  I know that this is true.  And even while He is testing us, He is there strengthening us. :)  So tie yourself to the scriptures, tie yourself to the church and then press forward with a steadfastness and a hope of all things.  We will be rewarded and we will be happy. Have a great week!

Sister Hamm

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