Monday, December 9, 2013

Great Week

Dear family,

Well this has been another great week. Also very long. Things that happened on Thursday feel so long ago!  But we have been receiving and contacting lots of referrals.  And when we went to contact one that wasn't home, we got invited into the home of another sweet couple that chatted with us and then insisted we stay for lunch.  SO they then feed us lunch.  We were able to share with them and they said we could come back. yay!  We have had lots of people accept baptismal dates and we are excited for all of them! 

Other big news.  President just called and I will be training again.  I am excited but also kind of disappointed because I love Sister T so much and have really enjoy our trio.  So the countdown of my last two transfers will be the 12 week training program. haha.  Hope I can help this Sister shine and make the best of the last little time I have left!  

So as for spiritual thought: PEACE. For some reason this has really been a focus for me this week.  I keep bearing testimony of the peace that comes with reading the Book of Mormon and living the commandments of God. In the world today there are many things that can cause us fear. There are many natural disasters which we cannot control, there are many unknowns in our futures and temptations all around. We learn in 2Nephi 4:27 that Satan is set out to destroy our peace.  And it really isn't that hard when you think about all the things we see on the news and are exposed to every day. But when we follow Christ we receive peace, "peace that comes from knowing you are living in accordance with God's will."  Christ is the Prince of Peace.  He birth and life were not devoid of challenges or losing loved ones, civil unrest. However, He had peace knowing the plan and will of the Father and as the Son of the Father and Prince of Peace, He offers us that same gift.  If we will just live the commandments of God...not pick and choose which commandments but honestly strive to live all of His commandments I KNOW we will obtain peace. That as the world rages on around us and news of wars and weather reach us, we literally need not fear.  When life doesn't go according to plan and we lose our job or a piece of our family.. we will be able to carry on knowing that He who knows all is ever in control! "We as latter-day saints are happy and confident, we do not fear life." (Elder Eyering Faith to Face the Future May 2011)  So if your life isn't going the way you planned and your stressing over your future.  Examine what you need to do to come into line with God's will, to follow His commandments and then turn to the Prince of Peace and receive this gift offered to all. [Other scriptures on peace that I liked :) 1Nephi 20:18 and Mosiah 4:3.]

Sister Hamm

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