Monday, May 27, 2013


May 27, 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

So this past week I realized some of the hardships of only being able to write once a week.  If you forget to say something you have to wait a whole week.  I keep writing things in my planner to say and keep forgetting to say them. Grr. haha.  SO first, Thank you to the Relief Society for the wonderful birthday card. :)  I especially liked the signature with "your mom" in it haha.  Thanks for thinking of me and reminding me I am a member of the Brambleton Ward. :)

Second - officially Cavite mission na ako. (now I am).   We get 31 new missionaries next transfer. :)

So this week we got a new Sister in the house. :)  Sister B from Utah.  It has been really fun having a new american sister in the house.  I reminded me how hard it was at first and how far my language really has come.  It happens so gradually sometimes I forget that it is coming along.  I have a good time explaining things.  It helps me learn it better and every time I say something I turn to the Filipinas and make sure I'm right so it has been good for all of us! :)

This week as we went to one of our older investigators she had her grandchildren there.  One of them was a 16 year old boy and as we taught it was so cool to see the Spirit working within him.  He was so open to new information and we really thought about what we told him. He talked about how much he wanted his whole family to go to church together because right now he goes alone.  It made me think of how Joseph Smith was only 14 when he went searching for the truth. I totally can understand why Christ tells us to become as little children (not that 16 is little or that all of them aren't set in their ways, her other grandchild who is 9 is also very good at listening to us) because they are more willing to listen, change and become what God wants them to be.  As adults we sometimes become so set in our ways but we still have so much to learn.  We also have that pride of not wanting others to know more than us which is hindered as a child because, well, most people (older) know more than them. Children understand that there is always more to learn. My companion and I talked about this this week.  How we like our way of doing things but that maybe there was a better way. haha I decided there is pretty much always a better way to do things. Anyway, it was cool to see him, as his grandma shied away from making a commitment, turn and explain to her how it was just another necessary step.  He was so ready to search.  It was really beautiful. 

I know that the Spirit is preparing the hearts of people for this gospel. Elder Neil L. Anderson told us in conference" surely as the Lord has inspired more missionaries to serve, He is also awakening the minds and opening the hearts of more good and honest people to receive His missionaries." You never know where you will find them.  Referrals are so important and it doesn't have to be this person ready to be baptized. It could be someone who asks a question in a store or a neighbor on the street and you chose to answer with the gospel.  Tell them why you want to share the gospel and then ask them if the missionaries could share more.  All the missionaries need is a phone number although an address is better. :)

Thanks for your prayers!  I can definitely feel them! I miss you all and thanks for all the mail. I hope you are all doing well!
Sister Hamm

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