Monday, June 3, 2013


June 3, 2013


So this week was really good. We had one really hard day when there was pretty much not a single person home and lets just say it was really hot and we were really tired but we persevered and the week overall went great.

Let see-- highlights.  First one of our ward missionaries (male) we were in a lesson just chatting before we started the lesson and somehow height came up.  And it come up how he is short and he said, "of course, if I was tall you wouldn't be able to see my beautiful face as well.  There is a purpose." So in my opinion it was funnier in Tagalog but I definitely laughed out loud and I was like, I am totally gonna have to use that... of course it will have to be when I get back since here I'm not short. haha.

Something else that has been a repetitive this week is "Prevention is Key".  Seriously, when it comes to spirituality and cleaning apartments this is so true. :)  With spirituality we learn that we really do have to do the little daily things that keep our testimony strong.  We all have those times when our fire may be a little dim or our faith a little wavering but if we walk away from the things that help us and just figure it will work itself out, that little fire will die. We have to constantly be working at our faith.  Also with sin, preventing situations in which will be tempted helps so much to prevent sin.  And finally cleaning.... if you do the lite cleaning every day or week it is so much easier than dealing with old, smelly, built up things.... Yea, we deep cleaned the apt this morning and lets just say we fought with the iced over freezer for over an hour! If you are waiting on a written letter... that may be one of the reasons you don't get one soon. :/ sorry. haha.

I have also been thinking this week (and every week) about faith. I feel like my whole mission, every time we go to teach a lesson on faith I feel like I need a better lesson plan.  I am always wondering what we need to cover because it is in my mind either a very simple topic or a very huge topic.  I used to think faith was simply testimony.  I have faith that Jesus Christ is our Savior, I have faith that Heavenly Father hears my prayers, I have faith that through Christ's atonement and our efforts we can be able to return to live with God.  But I realized while that is faith, faith is so much more.  It is having faith that God will fulfill His promises. It is a perfect hope that all things in life will work together for our good. It is unconditional trust in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and their power over all things!  And there is so much we must do to increase our faith and learn to walk in the dark following the faint light of Christ at the end of the tunnel.  Faith is so important and yet it just comes down to trusting.  We just have to learn how to let ourselves trust Him. Have a great week!  Love you all and miss you!

Sister Hamm

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