Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ang Mga Sagot

Me with my "trunky" letter :/
The wonderful District I left. :(
 So after we had left the computer shop last week... I was thinking... I don't think I told them where I am.  Haha.  Just keeping you in suspense. So--drum roll-- I am in Carissa Branch (B). Which is in Bagtas, Tanza.  Naic Zone.  So I am back in a branch and more of the "country" but here it's called province.  We walk by rice fields to get to church. So fun.  You know those little small towns in movies... kinda like Gilmore girls.  Yea... that's our town.   Especially when you walk past two barber shops right across from each other. :)  It is nice.  However our area is very dark at night.  Hardly any streetlights so we take flashlights with us now. :)

Our branch missionaries here are awesome and work with us all the time, which is great because we tried finding some places on our own one day this week for a couple of hours and it is WAY hard.

Part of our huge new apartment!
With my new companions, Sister T and Sister B
Sister T, me and Sister B are still a three-some and probably will be the rest of this transfer. (We are a three-some because Sister B was supposed to be in the other branch with a new comp from Tacloban but her comp went home instead because she was still stressed from what happened.) I thought a 3-some would be hard but I am actually loving it.  We are helping one another.  Sister T is doing great and seems to be the most sad that she had to leave the people (investigators, less actives and recent converts) she loved and other missionaries she knew. That would be really hard and I only know a piece of how that feels because of when the Manila mission split.  Both Sister T and Sister B have been out for about 4 months. They are both great missionaries and I am learning from them. As for my poor abandoned "anak"-- she is finishing her training with a Sister that also came from Tacloban. 
We have been so blessed this week.  After a couple of hard times--Wandering around in the heat of the afternoon with no ward missionaries, and wandering around during a "brown out" (Black out) at night with no one home-- We also received many miracles. Like when we went to teach a recent convert and her mother who seemed uninterested at first suddenly asked us what she needs to do to be baptized. Plus we got to hear a less active bear beautiful testimony about the church and tithing.  Saturday we got to have an FHE with a less active family that hopefully helps us get back in their door this week.  Also Sister T is great at making people let us serve them so we have done other peoples laundry and cut wood. So fun!  I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for the support He gives us and my opportunity to serve here.

As for spiritual thought: A quote from conference, "The victory in heaven was a victory for man's agency." Agency is one of the great gifts that God has given us.  We can choose good from evil, but we cannot choose the consequences.  A piece of my testimony that has been endlessly strengthened here on my mission is the fact that when we obey, we are blessed.  Over and over we see it.  Others try to explain it away that those who are "lucky" have an easier life so it's easier to follow the commandments (such as tithing).  But DO NOT BE FOOLED.  They have it backwards.  The truth of the matter is when you serve God with your heart by following His commandments- He blesses you and life just gets easier. Promise.  Even when it's hard, it's easier than it would've been. I know this is true!  Have a great week!

Sister Hamm

Pancit Pusit. Noodles with Squid. The ink gives it the
blackish color! :) Masarap! (Delicious)

I ate balot. Well... part of it.  It wasn't bad really.

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