Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lumipat na ako

Dear Family,

So the big news for this week is....I'm not emailing from Cavite.  I bet you thought I was... Or at least that is where I thought I would email you up until Friday afternoon!  So storytime:  Wednesday we got a text from President saying that the Tacloban mission was being closed and that missionaries were from that mission were being reassigned to 11 of the other Philippine misisons.  Our Cavite mission would be getting 16-20 missionaries, they would arrive on Saturday and that we needed to wait for more updates. So Sister H says no one is coming to our district, I say we are getting one to become a three-some. Then we continue with our work and don't think about it for 2 days.  I start thinking maybe nothing will happen….  

Then Friday at 2:45 Right as we are about to close weekly planning the Zone Leaders call and tells me I am transferring!!!  I was so shocked.  I asked him three times if he was joking! My mind literally would not catch up. I just didn't see it coming at all!  And then sister H hears me starts freaking out because we hadn't even finished the 12 week training. :(  Well lets just say-- so many emotions. We both held it together while talking with our district. But as we knelt to pray and close planning we both shed some tears.  Prayer is just such a wonderful gift and amidst all the emotions and stress and unknown it was so wonderful to talk to the one in charge of EVERYTHING, the one who has ALL power to do ANYTHING. And to have the gift of feeling His love and care as we prayed.  Just knowing we were in His watchful care, that no matter what was coming He cared and He would help us!  He is so merciful and I am so grateful for all that he gives us.

So long story short it was a crazy 3 days with packing and praying.  We got to the mission office. My companion is Sister T a Filipina coming from the Tacloban mission. She is so wonderful and we are going to have a great time in our new area!  We are shotgunning.  We split the area on Sunday with our ward mission leader.  Our apartment is right across from the couple missionaries and is nicer than I thought existed in the Philippines.  I feel like I walked into Ashburn.  It is so nice, it feels like a hotel... and sometimes smells like one when the neighbor starts smoking his cigar. haha.

But anyhow, we are doing wonderful here!  Pictures will have to wait till next week.  I will also answer questions and give more information.  Right now things are still quite unknown (we are currently a three-some) but wonderful because of the peace that comes when you strive to live in accordance with God's will.  Things won't always be perfect but I know that as we turn to the scriptures, trust in God and pray we will be blessed with peace and support!  Thank you so much for all your prayers.  We definitely feel them.  Have a great week like we will here!

Sister Hamm

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