Dear Family,

So I think I have started repeating titles now... oh well. :)  Bound to happen I guess.
So this week.... We were able to attend the baptism of two families into the Punta Branch.  It was so great to hear their testimonies and see their excitement about the gospel. We also had 2 investigators come to church for the first time. My companion and I were sooo excited.  I got asked to teach Relief Society 5 minutes before it started and was able to fill the time. (its a good thing we have so many great people in our branch who give good comments haha)  We got to teach a new family and we saw the promise fulfilled that we will not be confounded before men as the father (who the whole lesson seemed to be bordering on hostile) asked many questions but in the end all was answered and a Book of Mormon was left at the home. :)

SO we are a little short on time this week. I will just end with a Spiritual thought about faith. Before I came on my mission I thought I had faith... and I mean I did but it now coming on the mission I realize how important faith is and how we need it in every aspect of our lives.  And how there are many different levels of faith. Here on the mission- I will be honest-- sometimes my faith wavers... Are we really going to have an appointment today? Will this person really come to church? Am I really living worthy of the blessings I need? Is there someone today that has been prepared by God for us the missionaries?  But as we know from Ether God can do no miracles without faith. So when we doubt, our doubt can be proven right... the promises we doubted will not be fulfilled because we didn't have the faith.  But the other way is also true. If we have faith, we will then see the evidence. Always! This is what Elder Gene R. Cook had to say about this in his talk at BYU Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. "As you exercise your faith, my brothers and sisters, you may want to consider how much evidence you require before you are able to act in faith. Do you believe my words or only your works? Are you capable of believing inspired words, or do you have to go through the actual process yourself before you are able to believe? You will recieve spiritual evidences as you go forth believing, but it is whether you require it all in the beginning or not that makes the difference in your faith. Do you need a sign and then you will believe? No, you exercise your faith and signs will follow those that believe. That is the true principle. So we know from James 2:17. That faith without works is dead. I would say also that faith dies without work. We must act in faith first and only then will we see the evidence (Ether 12:6). I have a goal to use my faith in every footstep in order that this weakness of mine will become stronger. (Ether 12:27)  I know that as we all act without seeing we will see down the road the fruits of our faith.  Miracles will happen. Have a great week!

Sister Hamm