Monday, March 18, 2013


Hello Family,

It is always so fun to hear from you.  Quick question for dad, Did you ever listen to the group AirSupply?

This week has been good.  I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and His way of teaching us. He gives us just enough to help us learn and grow and then gives us more.  We are working on doing this with our investigators. :)
This week has been really good.  We actually went on splits on Thursday with the other sisters. I was working in our area (definitely a test of my memory haha, I passed the test with a 90% if I do say so myself. haha Had to ask directions from a member for one of our investigators that lives near the bishop. Opps).  It was fun to work with a different Sister and see her way of teaching and what not. We also have found some new investigators to teach so yea!

I have decided when I return home I am really gonna miss the atmosphere here.  I think it has a lot to do with the weather always being warm but around dusk people are always outside, kids are playing, it reminds me of summer nights when I was younger.  Plus main streets are lined with people selling food.  Meats, fruits, vegetables, snacks, desserts, drinks, shoes.  It is like a farmers market every night haha and sometimes you are walking through hords of people and tricycles. I absolutely love it! :)
Easter I think will be very big here especially since there are many Catholics here.  They celebrate every day of holy week, so we will see.

I have been reading in Alma about the greatest missionaries ever.  I really enjoyed Alma 20:2-8.  Haha.  So first off, I love Lamoni's testimony... He has seen all that Ammon has done with the Lord, his faith is unshaken in the power of the Lord and yet he wants to help however he can and he knows that we must act in order for the Lord to strengthen our actions.  Second, I laughed out loud at his aha moment at the end of verse 4. It's like, "wait a second... how did you know that?" And then I wondered in verse 8 about what Alma was thinking when they ran into King Lamoni's father.  Alma had already been warned by the Lord that the king wanted to take Alma's life.  I wonder what went through Alma's head as they began to converse with him. But of course Alma's faith is unshaken.  He takes every teaching opportunity and is so bold in verse 17. Anyway just a thought maybe my Brothers can enjoy.

I had an experience on a jeepney this week that had me singing, "you made me wanna be brave."  Even as a missionary, I sat there praying for courage to share with this woman.  I thought of how we tell members that it doesn't have to be this big thing, they can just share a simple message.  I finally got up the courage and she was open to having us come share with her.  I thought about how silly it is for me to be shy when we have THE MOST beautiful and important message in the entire world. I have recommitted to having no fear in sharing.  As a missionary this should be a duh thing but it is something I need to continually remind myself of.  Thanks for all your prayers and love and mail. It is always appreciated!  Love you lots!

Sister Hamm

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  1. Just a note - the reason why she is asking if her father ever listened to Air Supply is NOT because she thinks it is his music, but rather because she has NEVER heard it at home because he doesn't own any. Just sayin....