Monday, March 25, 2013


March 25, 2013

Dear Family,

I feel like I have a lot to say this week, I hope I can remember all of it.  First the small things-- Um, I'm jealous because ya'll get to watch conference a week before I do. Sayang (too bad). And I'm sad because I realized early this morning that I will have to wait until next week to hear about Josh's first week in Mexico b/c of the international date line! Bummer-- but that's okay. More excitement next week. Random-- I bought a certain bread last week and something about the way it smelled took me back to Grandma Hamm's house every time I opened it.  Crazy right?  It was so fun.  Everytime I ate bread I was in Grandma Hamm's kitchen with all the grandkids eating their 5th roll half an hour after dinner with Grandma Hamm laughing and rolling her eyes, or we were preparing sandwiches for the hike.  It was fun to remember (don't worry, it wasn't trunkie just a happy memory).  BYU in NIT. Bleh.  Have to say I'm disappointed. :( Must be cause one of their biggest fans hasn't been at their games. haha Jk. Great inventions: fridges, freezers that defrost themselves, dishwashers, microwaves, toaster ovens, gas stoves, washing machines, flushing toilets, electric fans, air conditioning, using alcohol as hand sanitizer.  Some of these things I have, some of them I do not but they are all very wonderful! :)  Also wonderful is the public transportation here.  I have come to love it even though it isn't exactly reliable for time or price. haha. Tricycles and jeepney's are now my fave. 

So it is Holy Week and on Saturday every street near the Catholic church was full of people making these really pretty leaf sticks (okay, I really can't find a good word for them) for palm Sunday. Sunday the traffic was a little worse than usual but not bad.  Apparently this weekend will have parades.  We will see what happens. :)

Thanks for the notes from Brother B's lesson.  Really good thoughts there.  Reminded me of the song "Give me your eyes".   In the MTC someone spoke about having a worms and a birds eye view of the work.  It is true.  When you look at it as God does and as a big, eternal picture it is so thrilling and motivating. To know that there are people out there just waiting to "come into the fold of God" is so cool and makes you want to tell every person you see just in case they will listen.  Of course you also need the worms eye view, the up close and personal of the work. You can't just throw information at them and hope they get it. We have to make friends and relationships and introduce the gospel in such a way that people are willing to listen and can understand.  Good thing we have the Lord's help because this is not always easy. Keep up the good effort, I know the Lord will eventually guide you to someone who has been prepared.
I really liked his line, "attitude adjustments are available." haha.  It is so true.  Through scripture study and prayer I know that we can change.  Heavenly Father can literally change our hearts if we are willing to sacrifice our wills to His.  It is so beautiful and I have seen it so many times. 

So I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve.  I love almost every minute of it.  But I had a moment the other morning (as I was pondering one of our recent converts who is now inactive) where I thought, "I can't wait till I can just go back to worrying about my own salvation." haha.  I repented because really I am glad I get to serve God and help others.  It is truly a privilege. But the thought that followed was about mothers.  I want to say thank you to my mother and also applaud all the mothers out there. We have been told by prophets how important the role of a mother is and I thought at this moment about how much they have to worry about the spiritual, as well as temporal, needs of their children. It is such a burden (I'm sure) to try and teach the gospel in a way they will understand and motivate them to act and worry about helping them return to Heavenly Father.  Thank you for the sacrifice you make and work you do to help you children learn the gospel.  As in missionary work-- no effort is wasted! (Even when it may have seemed to go in one ear and out the other :) ) Thank you also to fathers who support their wives and teach their children and preside over their families righteously. 

That being said.  This week has been awesome.  We have really seen the hand of the Lord in the work.  We have had a good time finding some new people to teach.  Some people here know people who are "mormons" or they know a lot about mormons and then others have never heard it and after we tell them the full name of the church and the nickname "mormon", a couple of minutes later they will ask us if we are catholic or Jehovah Witness. haha  So grateful for this opportunity to share His gospel.  I love and miss you all.  Enjoy the Easter weekend and don't be afraid to share the message of this gospel if you feel prompted.

Sister Hamm

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