Monday, June 10, 2013


June 10, 2013

Hello Family,

So thanks so much for the packages!  You know me so well.  My companion also loves school supplies so we have been having a good time with all the sticky notes, and tape, and pens and pencils.  Thanks so much!!  Also thanks for the clothes.  I have already worn some of them. (I was going to send pictures but the computer doesn't want to work right. next time)  It is so nice to have some new outfits!  And to replace a couple worn out shirts. Also thank you for the food.  You know me too well. haha.  That was the best brand of cheese and PB crackers.  Everyone in my apartment loves the chicks and bunnies now and we each have one after lunch everyday. haha. The only thing that didn't make it whole is the reeses eggs.  They are a melted block now that I enjoy very much a little at a time with a spoon. haha.  Just know I felt your love for me through the package and am slowly savoring all of it!  You are the best. We started reading the ensigns today too and can't wait to share the friends with the mga bata (kids) here.

This week has been great.  We had a wonderful family let us in and listen and it was just a very exciting moment. It was a moment when you remember just how important this work is.You realize how much this family has and how much they still don't have.  They were a beautiful family of 8, all their children are girls.  We could feel the love in their home and can't wait to share more with them about eternal families and all the blessings they can enjoy!

So answering some questions.... I have lived in 2 apts so far and both times we have had 2 companionships there.  I love it and don't want to go to an apartment with just me and my companion. haha. There are graduations here and they seem pretty big deal, just like in the states. It is a little different here because you start college when you are 16. It's so weird to visit these 16 year olds who have already picked the course they will graduate in and hopefully find a job doing.  I haven't really seen any pinatas but they do have these lattice work squares with prizes hanging on each cross work.  Then they move it up and down like a pinata and people try to grab the prizes.  More effective than it sounds.  There independence day is June 12 so maybe we will get some fireworks then. :)  We saw them on Christmas and New Years as well.

Well, I love you so much!!!  Miss you lots but am also having a great time here.  Sister R and I get along really well and I am already weary of transfer day because I want to stay here! :)  Haha.  Enjoy your week! Don't take anything for granted!


Sister Hamm

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