Monday, July 15, 2013


July 15, 2013

Hello Family,

Well this was a great week.  It started out with a zone activity. This may sound lame but we got to watch a movie! Rise of the Guardians. And yes I am a missionary and even without trying the gospel analogies just kept coming.  It was great cause everyone else was missionaries too so once in a while you'd hear "apostasy" or something like that.  It was a lot of fun. Then we also got to play outside in the grass.  We played a Filipino version of leap frog where all the other players jump over one person and its like reverse limbo where the one person goes from crouching to bent over to less bent to standing.... Okay so none of us did the standing cause it seemed a little risky but it was a fun game.  I also got to play ping pong which brought back so many memories of ward prayer and college. haha.  It was way fun.

Then on Tuesday we had zone meeting. Yep all the same people from Monday. Then Wednesday we met President and Sister Tye (so pretty much saw the whole zone again. haha) 

So Sister Tye is great.  She was very down to earth and really nice.  She said she is more comfortable with the Sisters because she has 5 daughters. The only funny part is she didn't mention her sons but President Tye did so I know they exist. haha. It was fun to be adjusted to the culture and have her ask about stuff because it is still new to her.  It took a while but I am adjusted and I love pretty much everything here so I know she will too.

President Tye was also very nice. His son actually served in the DC south mission... I think he said 2005 maybe...  Anyway, we had a good interview and I am excited to serve with him.  It was weird though, later that night realizing that President Stucki is no longer my mission president.... I don't know it was just weird.

Every other day was pretty much normal... Regular routine sprinkled with little miracles... like people reading the Book of Mormon, feeling the truth, ward missionaries to work with us, surprise eating appointments, riding on the back of the trike at night after a rainstorm so it was nice and cool.

Dad's questions: 
"Does that mean that you walk past farms?  What is growing in their fields?  Do they have livestock there?" 
So I am in "province" area but it is still pretty much city.  We don't walk past farms usually. There are a couple of big grassy areas but some are unused. Others have pineapple growing or fruit trees like jackfruit. There is livestock. In these big open grassy areas that seem pretty public and unused.  But the cows and sometimes bulls graze there.  It's pretty funny though cause in some neighborhoods they just wander around. These big cows just walk around and poop everywhere on the sidewalks and in the street. Sometimes they walk right up to people's gates and start eating their plants. haha.  They are fun to see and sometimes we walk right by them. haha.  There are also lots of roosters that are tied up in front of peoples houses.  I think it is mostly because fighting cock is really big here.  They don't seem to really use them for food or raising other chickens.

 "How do people react when you tell them you are from the US?"
Most people expect me to be American.  When we walk by sometimes people will say "Cana" for Americana.  So when people ask they usually aren't really surprised.  I met someone the other day who is a seaman and he said he goes to Norfolk Virginia a lot.  That was fun.

"Who is your favorite non-full time missionary you have met?"
Not sure if this means anyone not a missionary.... I dont know there are so many I love.  Our new relief society president is so smiley all the time and always comes up and talks to me. Brother P. is the best example of a member missionary I have seen and stopped by this one investigator for 4 weeks every Sunday to invite him to church without us even asking. He is super. We have lots of great ward missionaries that work with us that are also way nice and fun to be around. Investigators, less actives, ward members..... there are so many people I love here!

As for spiritual thought.... It may seem like no big deal but it was literally a thought from the Spirit during our companionship study the other day so here goes....  I finished sharing about my scripture reading and a talk I had read from conference when it was like; I used to think that if I was choosing the right, doing my best to be worthy and attend church and go to the temple and that whole biz. that I was doing good, I was living right.  But now I realize it's not enough! It's simply not enough to live in your only little bubble.  Doing everything you are supposed to is kulang (not enough) if you don't help others to do the same.  Yea, I know you're probably thinking you already knew that.  But it was like seriously a light bulb moment for my companion and I.  We knew it before but as the song about Enos goes, I felt in my heart, what I knew in my mind. SO there it is. Our whole goal in this life is to become like Jesus Christ. Not just be good but literally become like Him.  And pretty much all of His life was spent serving others. I know that when we serve others we will be happier and as we help others live the gospel by magnifying our callings, doing our visiting teaching, and lifting the hands that hang down, we will come closer to Christ and it will become easier to do what we are supposed to be doing.  I know this is true.  I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not just the only true church but literally God's kingdom on the earth.  If you are not a member you are missing out and I invite you to learn more.

Have a wonderful week, hopefully full of service.  Love and miss you all.
Sister Hamm

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