Monday, July 8, 2013

oops! No blog email

July 8, 2013

Well the email window doesn't want to work and I am super short on time so no blog email this week.  Know I love you and I am happy, and safe and having fun here.  Be safe and always follow Him.  I will be praying for you all.  Tell my brothers I love and miss them! 
That is so cool, dad, about your chat with mission buddies.  There are definitely people here I want to touch base with.  My first district leader is now my zone leader and it's nice to have him around again, mostly just because it brings back memories and shows me how far I have come. 
Sounds like you are working and playing hard.  I am super jealous of raspberry cupcakes (and the bluberries) and may  buy some sweet bread today. :)
I haven't met President Tye yet but we have interviews this Friday so we will get to meet him and get to know him a little there. :) yay! I'm excited.  It's weird how the work just keeps moving even though there are big changes happening all around me. It's cool though... kind of like how the gospel doesn't change.  And I am almost positive transfers are same.
You all can share the gospel in different ways - like Josh and I.   Just sing the "You made me wanna be brave" song and bear your testimony like, "yea, I'm so glad I get to be with my family forever, or oh yea I read a really good talk from a church leader about that, would you like to learn more.." like that. :) haha.  I know it isn't easy but if we do our best we will be blessed.   
Love you so much! 
Sister Jaclyn Hamm

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