Dear Family,

So I think this title may be a repeat but that is because the mga himala never stop.  Heavenly father is so wonderful but before I get into that I will start with something else.  One thing I learned this week..... is that I am in big trouble when I get back to the states and I am praying for a warm March.  This week has been (as I mentioned last week) winter for the Pinas. Which means---what 65-70 degrees?  But it feels so cold! It seriously felt like it could have snowed last night as we were walking in the dark to our last appointment.  My toes have been cold every morning this week and my jacket has gotten more use than it has had in the past 14 months combined. haha But it's all just funny because I have been SOO hot for SOO long that it's weird to not sweat. :)

So Tuesday night I get a text that on Thursday I would be getting my going home TB chest x-ray on Thursday.  What?  That was a surprise.... and lets just say mixed emotions.  I think I'll just stay here for the rest of my life. :) Joke lang. It was fun being around medical stuff again so that was exciting.  Definitely picked the right profession. :) yay.

Questions:What was your high and your low yesterday? Low- None of our investigators came to church. High- We gave our investigator a baptismal date and she was dissapointed that it had been delayed.  It was sad but also good to see how excited and ready she is for baptism. :) I love her so much so I am glad she is preparing to partake of this important ordinance. 

Tell me about an experience you had this week when you felt the spirit strongly? One time this week we were teaching a less active who is struggling with doubts and family objections to the church.  And as we sat there working with him my heart just hurt for him and for his struggle. We bore testimony that this is the only true church of God on the earth today and it was a powerful experience.  It was wonderful to just feel the Spirit testify of the truth of our words.  It was wonderful to bear testimony and not have a single doubt in this gospel and in God's church.  This man is gonna make it back... it just is gonna take time and effort on his part. 

What do you eat for a bedtime snack? I think my favorite is popcorn.  We pop the kernels on the stove with a little oil and then salt it. It's heaven in a bowl!
We had lots of great experiences this week.  Just little things that make the all the difference.  And then big ones too. One that I will be forever grateful for is one family that opened up to us about their concern. Tatay's catholic boss was probably going to fire him if he joined the church or even came to church. So we decided to do a fast with him and his wife and me and Sister V. We set the fast for Friday to Saturday lunch. (we had just finished the lesson on fasting when they brought up their concern.) Well when we returned on Saturday afternoon, nanay was just finishing her fast. She said, "Good news-tatay got a job!! :) We were sooo excited. Turns out he got the job before they even fasted but tatay told her with tears in his eyes, "this is God's plan for us. And he gave us the blessing before we even fasted." Nanay told us she studied about fasting all week so she could be ready and they did the fast still in gratitude for the blessing. So grateful for the blessings of God and the miracles he works for his children when they are ready to obey.  I know that He will work miracles for each of us if we just have faith first and show Him we are willing to obey.

Sister Hamm