Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year's!

Me and my comp in our lava lava!  She gave
me it her first night here. 
Dear Family,

Well this week was great!  Although realizing that I haven't written you since New Years makes this week seem like a month long!! But it didn't feel that way going along so its all good. :)  So let's see.

New Years Eve I got your package! :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It was so wonderful.  Full of perfect love and traditions and gifts. You totally spoil me! But don't worry I'm sharing. :) 

So the West's (missionary couple) had us over on New Years Eve and we actually stayed up to watch the fireworks. (Yes, I disobeyed mission rules... don't worry... the consequences story is coming.)  It was fun.. I ate way too much chocolate licorice (and too much other food too)! Shared the licorice, fruit snacks were a huge hit too. :)  Then on the 1st we got up on time but turns out my companion had a horrible headache so she rested for a bit.  We hardly ate breakfast because here the New Year is celebrated with a big meal and then all day on the first people feed you the left overs and new food that they cook on the 1st. So I was feeling... not hungry.. but not sick as we went to the first house... and then the 2nd... Okay lets skip to long story shorter. We finally went to the last appointment of the night with the Elders.  It was to our branch presidency members house. And on the walk over I told them there was no way I could eat.. because I now had stomach cramps and could feel a fever coming on... Well at the house I felt so bad not eating and the family tried so hard to get me to.. finally I settled for some coke but couldn't take 2 sips without intense stomach pain so that was it. Well later that night I ended up getting a priesthood blessing and throwing up.  The next morning I had a fever but according to the blessing I was able to go out and work and was fine the rest of the day. So it all works out.. but disobedience always has consequences.

The rest of the week was also great! Like talking with my favorite less active in the underneath the stars out on their porch all about the gospel and how she wants to be able to say that this is the only true church but she isn't there yet. And having our branch missionary totally feel the Spirit and us not  be confounded while answering question after question of a new investigator. Topped of by Sunday where an 11 year old unbaptized girl (family is less active) woke up and got herself and her 10 yr old neighbor ready for church and they want to come again next week.  And their were 4 people who were found worthy to receive the priesthood.  One of which is the son of the my favorite less active sister.  So much awesome in one week!

And Spiritual thought: 1 Corinthians 6:Last 2 verses 16 and 17 maybe... "What? Know ye not... that ye are bought with a price and ye are not your own."  I always love this scripture and this morning in personal study it hit me with the Spirit again. We were bought with a price.  Someone saw us and said I want that and when they saw the price tag it wasn't "uh.. that's expensive... maybe I'll just get a different, cheaper one...."  No, Jesus Christ  saw the price-- Suffering and Death and said She is worth it.  Heavenly Father saw the price-- His most beloved, only begotten Son and said She is worth it.  And then They bought us. And now we are not our own.. but not as slaves.  They bought us AND gave us freedom.  We all have free agency and we can choose to do WHATEVER we want. No restrictions. But we are not our own... We are owned by Someone who loved us enough to pay the ultimate price.  And He asks us to follow His commandments because He gave us a spirit and a body and He loves us the way we are in our perfect state. So just like a puppy let loose in the yard can wander into barb wire or holes (much to the sorrow and dismay of the loving owner), we can wander and fall but Heavenly Father gives us rules and asks us to follow them so that we won't ruin the beauty (inside and out) that He paid for. So let us be obedient- to thank the Two that loved us enough that no price was too high and who will ALWAYS welcome us back and fix us up if we fall short.

Love you,
Sister Hamm
My new outfit!  Thanks!

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