Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So my subject has double meaning-- take it as you will. :)

So I hope you didn't worry too much with no email yesterday. I spent the day at the mission home learning about applying for a job and getting fingerprinted.

Well this week I could just see Satan with his feet up on a chair poppin' bon bons and laughing while people misused their agency, I mean it seriously felt like he didn't even need to try... BUT it's okay cause this week is gonna be that part in Hercules when he comes back from fighting the monster with lots of heads and Hades freaks out! Yea. Something like that. :)

Plus even with the hardships we got to teach this great new family and the Spirit was totally there AND they came to church for the first time on Sunday! Best thing ever! And we had other little miracles whispering God's love to us.

I think my spiritual experience from this week (beside the lesson with the new family) was just realizing that as much as I was sad for these people choosing not to follow God, He hurt more than I.  And it made me realize how much He loves me and all of us. And how much I have hurt Him with some of my choices and it gave me a renewed desire to choose the right in order to cause my Heavenly Father joy instead of sorrow and pain.
The questions will have to wait for next week even though I am excited to answer them. 

Love you so much!
Sister Hamm

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