Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept 6, 2012 excerpts from letter to Mom

Sept 6, 2012

Excerpts from letter to Mom

Um…I do not need a filtering water bottle, they actually gave us one free for our mission.  Nice & scary!  Haha   Thanks for all your fun letters.  I love them. 

The first 3 days were differently scheduled but now my days will all be pretty much the same.  My roomies and I all get up at 5:30 or 5:45.  We have an hour of planning after we get ready.  Then we have a half hour for breakfast (10 of which are spent in line).  Then we have 3 hours of language class/study/and teaching our investigator.  Then we have an hour of study time (personal scripture study), then lunch where the lines are even longer, then an hour of gym and half an hour to clean up after gym.  Then 2 hours of language study then 45 min. for dinner (lines even longer!), then 3 hours of class (language) then home for 1 hour to get ready for bed and write in journal, etc.  The order if sometimes a little different but this is pretty much the schedule.  J  Busy, but honestly, not bad.  I enjoy most of it…except when frustration & discouragement takes over for a max of 2 hours. J

Love you so much! 

(Sobra Mahal Kita!)

Sister Jaclyn Hamm

Oh and sorry for no pictures.  We have to use one of 4 computers for that and they were busy.  I’ll try really hard next time. 

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