Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept 25th news from the MTC

Thanks for the email and the letter with the article in it. Thank you so much for the package!! I loved the cookies and the protein bars are my breakfast on temple mornings since the cafeteria opens after we leave for the temple and closes before we get back. I am so grateful for the temple...always such a great way to feel the Spirit and start the day off right.  

I'm glad to hear about Josh's mission call!! I was so excited for him that I think it was making it hard for me to fall asleep last night! haha. Your letter hasn’t come yet but Sister Mangum said it had arrived (I'm glad I heard the news). Also glad to hear that he likes shopping for himself. I always enjoyed that too. Thank you dad for the story about Haw's mission, I had forgotten that he went to the Philippines. Also thank you for the football update. I enjoyed reading it just picturing how excited you would have been if telling me about it in person. Sorry we lost. I'm glad your speech went well, I never had doubted that it would. BTW, pizza is Friday night and yes all fo the days run together like crazy but I love each one of them. (Admitedly, some more than others. haha.) Thanks for the prayers, I can definitely use every single one of them.

CONGRATULATIONS-- to Adam and Shalisa. That is so exciting!! Hope all is going and goes well. You will be in my prayers. Sad that I am missing out on that excitment, but so excited for you.

Also thank you to all my friends who have been writing me, I am so excited each time I receive a letter.

So, some stuff about here. Taco salad is probably my new favorite meal although I love a lot of the salads. This Sunday in church I got really excited becasue I understood a lot of the words in the hymn we sang, many of the words in the sacrament prayer and almost all of the 2 talks that were given in Tagalog. It was such a good feeling. (And nice to be able to understand the Church service again haha!) I gave the closing prayer, thank you zone leaders, and thought my heart was actually going to beat out of my chest during the last verse of the closing song. I have prayed at least 50 times in Tagalog but it didn't matter I was still so nervous. Ridiculous. But it went well and I remembered how to say pretty much everything I wanted to. Yea! We got to see the Brigham City Temple dedication so that was nice and what was very special is that I got to use Grandma Allen's handkerchief. Thanks Bammer! (I think I will mail that back to you now so it doesnt get ruined in the Philippines. :) )

And now for a funny story.... So you've heard about gym and how we usually go outside. So we decided to try going out at night for the first time. (8-9pm) It was dark out but the field had lights so we went out to play four square (which is actually way more fun than it sounds) but the court was to dark so instead we played some tag games that were hilarious. Then we were getting bored and decided (who knows why) to try duck duck goose. (some games are not allowed but with some many to choose from I still don’t know why we chose that.) Anyway we all sat down in the circle and took a minute to establish rules that nobody really knows. Then we started it was a little to easy but whatevs. Then I got chosen as goose by Elder Woolsey and was chasing him. Well we were both running full speed when he slipped. (it is a very slippery field, someone always falls when we are out there.) When he slipped he was on the ground laid out right in front of me and I jumped to try not to hit him and ended up flying through the air and rolling to land safely. Sadly I did kick his head before clearing the rest of his body. So sad but also funny. Now that I say that I guess you had to be there but it was fun. Suffice it to say that we had no idea Duck Duck Goose could be so dangerous and they are never going to let me live down the fact that I kicked the Zone Leader in the head. Well let me know what kind of things you want to hear about.

Sister Hamm

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