Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16, 2012 email

kumusta pamilya!!

so... not that much to report from this end. I am getting really excited to go to the philippines but i am also really nervous because i still dont feel like i know the language well enough at all! but i just keep studying my heart out and praying that heavenly father will help me and i know he will. so the shift key on this computer is broken. please excuse the lack of capital letters. haha.
thanks for the news report from elder holland and brother bruton's email. its always fun to get those.

so sorry to hear about heather's dad. im glad he is doing well, i know he had lots of prayers sent his way. this morning in the temple one of the workers told us that the number of girls that started there missions this week jumped from a normal average of 600 to 3600!!! insane right. it will be insteresting to see how the mission field and mtc handle that. i'm glad josh's wrist isnt broken. i have to warn him..... be careful in gym at the mtc. there are a couple people who have hurt themselves and had to go get surgery or just recover and it keeps them in the mtc for weeks and weeks extra.... um no thanks.... its a great place to be but extending your stay is not worth a great shot in basketball etc. sorry for tyler that oddessey of the mind fell through but im sure he will find many other fun things to do. cant wait to see pictures of the et costume. dad wrote about how time flies, life time wise, and i have to agree but its so fun to reflect back. i often find myself singing scripture scouts when we talk about 'fisher's of men' or what we can give to jesus. c; i cant make a normal smiley without a shift button.... oh well. haha. you get the idea. c; Well i feel like i really dont have much to say. if you wanna know any specifics send me questions. i know the church is true. im grateful i have this awesome oppurtunity to serve the lord and help others learn about the beautiful blessings of the gospel. if you want to pray for me, pray that i have a good trainer so i can improve my teaching skills and learn the language well. i love you all!!
sister jaclyn hamm

i love and miss you lots. but i am also seriously loving life here.... absolutely loving it. besides the stress of not speaking tagalog. c; but it'll all come with time. love your letters and appreciate them all. love you so much!

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