Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012 email

J   So I feel like I have less to share this week but we will see....
First, CONGRATULATIONS JOSH!!! I was so excited to hear the news. Thank you for writing me. I didn't want to hear about your mission call from anyone before you so Wed night I got two sheets of DearElder letters and told my companion, "Scan these really fast and see if you see the name Josh." I explained why and then she did and I got all excited because one was from you!! So I read yours first and I'm glad I did because one of the other letters I got had your call in it too.  I’m so excited for you!!!!  Talk about death trap.... :) Philippines. Mexico. Who knows. Everyone in my district is also excited for you and the Branch Presidents wife said that she has been to that city and that it is a beautiful place. I’m sure you will get LOTS of advice and information from all sorts of people. I want to write you a letter but it may have to wait until next Tuesday. :) Congrats! I love you!
Second, congratulations to Jacob for getting voted homecoming prince. That is exciting. I'm glad his job is also going well!
Glad to hear about Nathan and Tyler's sport teams. Hope they are still having fun, and for mom's sake, not complaining about practices. :)
I'm glad you had fun at the YC bbq. I think it's great that you get together like that! On a related note, we get to teach volunteer members (2 different ones) every Wednesday night. It is fun way to practice or Tagalog and our teaching of gospel lessons. We just treat it like a dinner visit to members. :) And of course most of the volunteers are return missionaries that attend BYU. (Although 3 weeks in a row me and my companion have taught a man everyone calls Tatay (father) who is a convert from the Philippines who has only lived her a few years. He is fun to teach and he loves the gospel!) Anyway, the first person that we taught this week was an RM who served in the Philippines and we were getting to know him and were talking about where we were from and he asked me what part of Virginia (all in Tagalog of course, except mine is slow and horrible) And I told him and he asked, "Do you know the Scholz's?" I was so surprised. I, of course, said yes and he said that he does marching band with Coleman! It was fun to have a little connection cause we are in such a bubble at the MTC. Anyway, just thought I would share that.
Everything is going well here. I have actually fallen in love with... (no, not a boy) cracked wheat for breakfast! :) I like it much more than oatmeal and sometimes mix it with cream of wheat. They have almonds, raisins and cinnamon and sugar to put on it. It's great! And I'm still loving the fact that I don't have to prepare it. :)
The language is coming along. I am improving but I still wish I could speak more fluently. It will come in time I know. Teaching is getting a little easier and we have one "investigator" that is preparing for baptism. :) I am looking forward to General Conference this week! YAY!
Well I think that is about it for this week. Everything kinda feels the same but everything is good so I can't complain about it staying the same! :) I love all of you! I think about you often (usually when I have to zone out for a second to keep my brain from exploding with Tagalog.) and miss you. Hope you are all doing well!
Sister Hamm

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