Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 3:42 PM

Thanks for the love emails from last week. :)

Crazy general conference announcement, huh? You said you would send me an article about the interview with Elder Holland, that would be cool because we do not hear anything! around here. :) haha. I wrote you about conference a little already and it should be coming in the mail. Just know that I did think of you all lots. Definitely with the bees and during called to serve. We laugh around here because we sing that song almost every time we gather for a meeting but I still love the song and definitely hear my family in my head.  I miss hearing all 4 parts! :)  Along those same lines it was so weird to sing with Sisters only during the Relief Society broadcast after 7 weeks of being surrounded and drowned out (in a good way) by Elders. haha.

I think a semester for Jacob might be great but we will see what he decides and see if the spirit has something to say about it. :) There are a lot of Elders and Sisters here who may be out with siblings now. Just think we could possibly have 3 from our family at once! ah! So exciting. Glad that Jake had a good time at homecoming.

Nathan-- Good luck with German and bringing up your grade. I was failing a class in 8th grade when interims came out too! BUT through extra work I was able to bring my grade up. Think about how cool it would be if you brought yours up. You could brag and say you changed your grade from an F to a B ... or even an A! I know you can do it!! Let me know how it goes. Don't worry about writing me but it would be nice to hear from you sometime.... :)

Go Mom for volunteering to help with Odessey of the mind!! You go girl! :) I'm sure Tyler REALLY appreciates it. He loves when you help out with his stuff.

Tyler-- ET sounds like the best costume idea ever! Just remember you wont look exactly like him. I'm thinking you should carry a little flashlight so you can pretend that your finger lights up! :) (MOM-- brown sheet and face paint? Good luck! Just make sure the top of his head is big and flat! :) haha)

Thanks for the picture of Josh! Now I just need some of the rest of you. Maybe a picture of Jacob ready for homecoming, or soccer or flag football or something. Its just fun to see. Maybe I can send you another one soon.

Sounds like a cool Filipino store you went to. We might have to go after I get back when I’m longing for the Philippines. :P But as for packages... not only do you have to pay to send them but I have to pay to receive them....so keeping those super limited is a good idea. :)

As for here.... things are going well. Conference was a blast! So fun and uplifting. Then after conference Sunday night we had a fireside by Chad Lewis (thank you mom and true or untrue stories about wearing his jersey for halloween b/c that’s the only way I know who he his) It was a really good fireside that made everybody laugh and feel uplifted. The way he taught kind of reminded me of dad so that was nice. The count down has begun... 20 days left of the MTC. (days sound long but less than 3 weeks!! Eek!!) I am getting really excited. Monday I felt like I was done with being at the MTC, but then I got really nervous because I still hardly know anything and I don't want to go not be able to understand anything for weeks. Oh well. Good that I have both emotions cause now I can be nervous and excited and just let it motivate me to study harder, pray harder and appreciate the time I have left.

Something I will not miss is the static here!! ugh! It is OOC. I also will not miss the cold... okay, lets be honest, I wont miss being cold for the first 3 or 4 days and then I will probably be sick of sweating. :) haha. But we are looking forward to the heat as the cold October weather rolls in. I love you all! Miss you!

Sister Hamm

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