Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oct. 23rd last email from the MTC!

First--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!!! Sorry I didn’t get a card in the mail sooner. Just know I have been thinking of you today. Love you!

Second-- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the packages. I received two packages FULL of love this week. First the Larson's package arrived. Thank you sooo much Kaylin for the cookies, they were delicious (my district agrees). Also thank you for the caramel popcorn it is a great bedtime snack! I am excited to be able to give those cute stickers to Filipino children. If I am able to I will take and send a picture of someone with them on. :) Thank you also for the wonderful drawings from Jenna ( I think the fruit bowl one was Jenna?), Mia and Ryan. I loved the letters you included as well. The chocolate bars were so delicious and fancy. I felt so spoiled and am still enjoying the treats every night. :)

Mom--- Thank you for your wonderful package full of love. You know me so well. It was overflowing with great stuff. It was perfect! I loved the bread, you know it's my favorite. And thank you for the beautiful and laminated copy of the song, I was not expecting that to be so nice. I am so grateful for the Christmas pillow case. The duffle bag will be a perfect carry on and the airborne will be well used. :)

Thank you for all the news. God is hastening His work and it is SO EXCITING! I absolutely LOVE the individual updates on people. They are really fun and it’s nice to know how everyone is doing. You all are crazy for driving down to the ND game but I am glad you both had a great time! (Or at least Tyler, I didnt hear wheather we won or not. :) )  I did think of you dad when they mentioned The Little Prince in conference, how could I not? Thank you for all of the encouragement and relating Kristen's prayer story to me - such a good message and cute story.  I promise to be happy 98% of the time... Deal? :D (I’m only worried about the end of a hard, long day when it’s hot and something pushes me over the edge. Give me a couple hours to recover.)  I love it 100% of the time and know that each morning brings renewed happiness. :)  Like mom was saying in one of her letters we just have to put the happy stuff in our foreground.  I am learning (from some people around me) just how important it is to put the positive and good in front and just how difficult that can be for some people. Grateful that I was raised that way so that it is a little easier for me, even though I don’t always do it. (Okay that sounded kind of bad but I seriously am loving almost every minute of everyday and the people around me are mostly positive as well.)   I voted weeks ago dad, no worries! :)

Thirdly-- WE HAVE FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. I was almost more excited to see these than I was about opening my mission call. So here goes. I realized from your last letter that you didn’t realize my departure date had changed from the 31st to the 29th. So we are down to 6 days!!!!!!!! We leave SLC at 8:30pm the 29th. Leave LAX at 1:05am 30th. Leave Hong Kong at 9:05am on the 31st and arrive in Manila at 11:15am on the 31st!!! :) I thought it was kind of fun that we get three different days to mark leaving MTC, and leaving country and arriving in Manila. :) Yay!!!! I am so nervous and also so excited. I am really excited to be wearing my tag somewhere outside of the MTC. I am worried because I know my Tagalog is very poor but I know Heavenly Father will help me and I will get better while there.

So the English Elders that came in are only staying for two weeks.  We were told the new time shortening would take place in January but looks like they may start early.  (I know I spell some stuff wrong but Tagalog is messing me up and I’m in a hurry.  Please don’t judge. :) ) Josh will probably be here only for 6 weeks.  He will do great I’m sure!  Well I have to go. I love you SO much.  Thanks again for all the love you send my way.  I send prayers back. :)  Ingat po. (goodbye)

Sister Hamm
 Sister Jaclyn Hamm
 Sister Hamm's MTC District
Sister Hamm with three of her friends from the Nursing Program at BYU
(also all missionaries in the MTC)

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