Friday, February 15, 2013

Kilitin ng Kilikili

Dear Family,
So I have been praying hard for all of you this week and sounds like my prayers were answered.  So fun to see the picture of all the Larson sisters. :)  And Camilla is getting so big!!  She looks so old.  Happy Birthday to Grandpa and AJ. Congrats to Jake for getting into BYU-I.  Chumbawamba?.?  haha.  Yea, it very well could be a word in Tagalog but it would be spelled with a K, C isnt used very often.  :)
So my mind is going blank on what to say this week.  It has been great.  Sister Hunt and I are constantly busy and have a hard time planning out our week because the people we teach are so spread out and have different conflicts.  Our entire mission is focusing on faith this month and it has been a really great experience so far.  Studying faith makes me realize just how much mine needs to increase. And working on increasing our faith this week we have already seen a difference.
We have also been able to see miracles.  One, which may seem small was that an investigator read from the start to ch 4 of Nephi this week.  It was truly a miracle.  We had been to her 5 times before that and she had never read like we asked.  Anyway it was such an exciting moment.  Truly, makes it all worth it!
Oh fun story.  So Friday our branch president called and needed our help getting a bunch of kids who are part of a less active family to the church for a primary activity on Saturday. Of course we can do that.  But as it got closer we realized it was a little more stressful than we first thought.  So Saturday morning we were rushing to get over there and I was praying it would work out well.  Cause Sister and I have to go in the same trike but I was worried we would have to send the older kids in a separate trike (which can be hard to find sat mornings), or that they wouldn't be ready or change there minds about going.  Anyway.  So we took a trike over and as we pulled up all these little kids came walking up ready to go.  So cute!  And the nice trike driver said he could wait so the kids piled in while we went to talk with their mom.  Over all there were 9 kids.  Three 11 year old boys, 4 girls around 9 years old and then a little boy and girl who were 3 and 4.  As we approached the trike they were all piled in and I had to smile and laugh with the trike driver who actually had his son with him that morning and was riding in front of him on the bike.  We found there was room so Sister and I climbed in and we took off with 3 adults and 10 children in one trike.  I wish I had gotten a picture. It was like the highlight of my life. haha.  We got to the church at 9:01 and of course there were no leaders there yet.  We ended up playing 2 different games in the gym with all these little kids and then sang I am a child of God around the piano (with just the girls of course haha) before the leader showed up.  It was so perfect.  Heavenly Father totally helped it to go smoothly and it was so much fun!
I love you all so much and hope you are all doing well.  So grateful for this gospel and the joy and blessings it brings me and my family and all of God's children. Ingat kayo! (Take care all of you)
Sister Hamm

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