Monday, February 18, 2013


Dear Family,

First, Thanks so much for the Valentine's Day card.  You timed it perfect! :) I received it 2 days before Valentines. :)   So a person in my zone is the nephew of G.C. from Morgan Hill. Her name is super familiar but I couldn't remember much about her. You know her right?  Maybe just a quick memory about her, like Josh said, its fun to have connections even if they are super remote. haha.
So this week we had so much happen!  It has been really great to see the hand of the Lord in the work. We spent some time Sunday morning looking for a Less active member that a different less active member referred us to but we didn't have a name or physical description, just that there was a boy and girl who were siblings. So we just went around to the 3 red gates (where many different boarders live) that matched the description the member gave us haha and asked about siblings that were mormon.  Well, nobody knew of mormons living in the compound and we eventually headed off to church.  After Sacrament mtg a man walks up and introduces himself to us and we find out he is the one we were looking for.  It was so weird and great cause now we know! :)
Oh another cool story.  As we were walking we found an old woman (~75 and 4'10)  who was selling brooms.  We told her we couldn't buy a broom but of course gave her a pamphlet and talked with her.  We showed her the name of the church on the back of the pamphlet and told her where the church bldg was and that it started at 1pm.  Well, she is actually from an area half an hour away.  She seemed a little confused about which direction to walk to get home so we pointed it out and said goodbye.  Well the next morning we get a text from the sisters that one of our investigators came to their branch... We were confused and then they explained further.  It was Nanay! (name for mom but what we call women out of respect sort of like maam) She had looked for the name of the church and some how showed up to attend 9am (!) church in her own area (the sisters area).  What a miracle!  Funny part: During the second hour she asked the recent convert sitting next to her "Tapos na ba?" Is it over now? hahaha.  She stayed for all three hours. Hope she attends again. :)
Just lots of cool stuff like that this week.  Plus all the kids that went to the primary activity last week begged to come to church this week. So someone went and brought them all. Sadly, the parents are yet to be as excited and didn't yet attend. But we have faith they will. :)
Oh dad-- So my Australian companion taught me the other day that they call cantaloupe Rock Melon.  It made me think of you since its your favorite fruit and it's a cool name.  So yea.  I think I might start calling it that, although cantaloupe is a pretty sweet name too. :) 
Congratulations to Juge and Hadley. :)  That is great.  I will definitely keep Shalisa in my prayers and actually felt like I should pray for her earlier this week but didn't know why!
So grateful for all your prayers and love.  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!
Sister Hamm

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