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Hello Family,
Activity at the beach on Palawan

A little bit of advice for anyone learning a language for their missions-- Memorize phrases in the MTC.  I think I should have done that a lot more.  I was concerned about so many other aspects of the language and of course you need balance but really memorizing phrases helps so much later for grammar and teaching.  Also memorizing words but of course I did a lot of that and I'm sure they will too. So yea- Phrases help a lot. :)

Let's see.  So I was reading in the scriptures and got to Mosiah 4:10 and read, "And now if ye believe all these things, see that you do them."  And immediately the thought popped into my head, "If you know, then do." haha.  So yep.  That's for you dad.  Being backed up by the scriptures.  Act according to your knowledge.  :)

Funny story-- So we were teaching an investigator at the home of a member.  They had served us a merienda (small snack) and we were chatting after we finished our lesson.  I was sitting in the chair in their living room with my legs together (of course since I'm in a skirt).  Well all the sudden I felt a little tickle on my thighs. Then it stopped and I was like okay.  Then it happened again.  Definitely something crawling up my thighs!  So I stuck my hand in my lap right above the "thing" so that it couldn't progress and said "um...".  They all asked me what it was and I said I didn't know.  I said I thought it was one of the little lizards that are everywhere.  Now it was crawling against my hand.  So I stood up and kind of shook my skirt to hopefully get it to fall out quickly without me freaking out.  And out drops a....  cockroach!  How it got all the way up there without me feeling it I don't know but we all had a good, hearty laugh.  I was glad I hadn't made too much of a scene about it. (like I had earlier that morning when I got chased by a dog while running and ended up screaming in fear. haha.) So yea.  Good times.  Brother kept saying, Only in the Philippines.  Not sure that is true but it is a good memory.

This picture is a fun one!  We were about to teach on the
beach when they brought in their catch!
So tropical and fun.  Yes, that is a blowfish.

Do I eat a lot of fresh fruits?  Somewhat.  I still love apples. And the bananas that are different here.  There are two kinds I love.  One similar to home and one that are big and best if you fry them, kind of sweet and sticky.  Mmmm.    

Are there different fruits here that you don't have there?
A new fruit I tried is guabayan (?) maybe... I can't quite remember. But the inside kind of looks like a white pineapple but as you pull off a piece with a fork the texture is VERY different.  As you eat it, it is a mix of really slimy chewing gum and cotton. (words of a native filipina, not me but I have to agree)  It is kind of acidic like pineapple and as I ate I thought it kind of reminds me of violets the candy! A little bit.  Anyway, pretty good.  It might be a favorite if it weren't for the texture. haha

A motorcycle made by an investigator out of a single crab!

So how long does it take me to get to church?  Church is about a 5 minute tricycle ride in good traffic. But probably a good 2 mile walk.

Is the Church an LDS building?  We have a building that is LDS chapel but other areas of our Zone don't. 

How many wards/branches meet there?  2 branches

Have most the people you meet heard of the church? No. It's about 40/60. 60 have heard of us.  But 40 haven't.  I didnt know about the superbowl and they seem to watch a lot of basketball. :)  yay.

Love you all so much!
Sister Hamm

As I learn new words I often hear Josh's voice from our Christmas conversation, "I swear you are making this up!" :)  I definitely feel that way a lot and it makes me laugh hearing him say that.  So yea.  That's were the tittle came from.  How am I supposed to say that word or remember it while teaching a lesson? haha The picture is a fun one: We were about to teach on the beach when they brought in their catch.  So tropical and fun.  Yes that is a blowfish.

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