Monday, April 1, 2013

maanghang :)

April 1, 2013

Dear Family,

Whew.  Feels like I am constantly rushing.  Rushing with emails, with preparing for the day, getting to appointments, planning, updating the area book, writing in my journal.  It's like we are constantly running, but it's good to be busy.  Luckily, my companion likes to sit and eat so we get to breath during lunch. :)  This has been a great week!  One-- Dad asked in the letter last week-- the Manila temple is actually right outside the Manila mission boundaries (haha) BUT we still get a temple day once a transfer! Yay!  (Sadly this might change when we become Cavite mission on July 1st, we will see.)  So this Thursday we got to attend a temple session (sadly this means we lost an entire day of proselyting, but of course it was worth it)  It was absolutely wonderful.  The temple is such a great place to feel the love of Heavenly Father and peace His gospel brings.  Such a wonderful reminder of why we do everything we do in this life.  It was also fun because we got to see lots of the other missionaries including my previous zone leader and an Elder from the MTC which was great cause like Josh said-- they are kind of a second family for 2 months. SO yea.  Best Thursday ever.
This week has also been good because we have lots of investigators that we are really excited about.  The disappointing thing was that even though it was Easter Sunday hardly anyone came to church. :(  There were fireworks Sunday night and the Catholic church was packed.  Ah. Oh well.  At least people were remembering and worshiping Christ.  The neighborhoods were relatively dead on Friday and Saturday.  Lots of stores and tindahans (little shops) were closed for the holy weekend and everyone was inside watching passion of the Christ and then Jumangi in Tagalog. It was weird to see so few people out.

You will be happy to know there is a wonderful family here who has been feeding us like twice a week or more.  They are very sweet and her food is delicious.  Although I did have liver one time and let's just say... no where near my favorite.

Well I was really excited to send pictures this week and then the computer and my card malfunctioned... so bummer.  Next week hopefully. Sorry, really short on time this week and there were no questions to answer.  Love you all lots and miss you.
Sister Hamm

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