Monday, April 15, 2013


April 15, 2013

Dear Family and others,

I love you all so much! Thanks for the emails and letters.  I actually got a package this week.  It was very unexpected and I assumed it was an Easter package... but turns out it was my Valentines day package!  Tyler asked when I got it in his note :) the answer is April 9th. haha. Just a little late.  But still wonderful... and delicious.  It was weird to have a note written by Josh before he left for the MTC. :) Thanks for the love!  I enjoyed the little paper heart confetti and the candy hearts helped the missionaries stay awake during conference. :)

So this week was really busy but good.  I wrote in my journal last night about how Heavenly Father gives us what we need when we need it. (some people may already be arguing this statement in their heads) But honestly, if we are living righteously, I know we get what we need when we need it... however in some cases this rarely lines up with what we may want. :) I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father knows perfectly how to give perfect gifts to his children.  He has a perfectly calculated plan for each person on the earth and His plan is calculated so that if we follow it and use our agency wisely, we will progress into the perfect person He knows we can become.  Such a beautiful plan.  Along those same lines Mom mentioned how the temple helps us "feel like everything is going to be o.k."  I want to tell everyone that that is because it will be.  It may not be now or even in the near future but, if we follow the commandments and God's plan, everything in the end... at the final judgement will be okay. We can enter the kingdom of God and receive eternal happiness. You may wonder how that works when some family members (because of their choices) don't seem like they will be there with us, or like it is such a long time to wait. But in the eternal perspective we know that God literally wants more than anything else for us to be happy. So come whatever may, as long as we use our agency to be obedient, we are promised we will be happy in the end.  I honestly don't know how, but I KNOW with all my heart that if we obey Him we will be happy, happier than we can imagine now. :D

To answer some questions: I have not found a place yet that sells cinnamon raisin bread but only craved it once the other morning when I smelled something like it coming from the neighbors house.  Something interesting-- not sure I mentioned this before but all the houses here are so close together (like sharing a wall) and many times windows are left open all the time so you can hear and smell a lot of what goes on.  While cooking in the kitchen I am often..serenaded... by the teenage girl who lives behind us singing at the top of her lungs. Haha.  It's fun as long as the song is alright. Although she has yet to sing EFY or hymns. :)

As far as I know there was no reenactment of the crucifixion nearby us but some did take place in the Philippines.  The only thing was the processions that repeat hail Mary's and whatnot.

My new companion is actually from the same general area that my trainer was from which is currently the Cauayan mission (pronounced like Hawaiian with a C Cawaiian).  She has been speaking english only at her home and she said it has been difficult to switch to taking about the gospel in Tagalog but trust me she is great.  So yes her Tagalog and English are both incredibly good. She younger than me but only be 6 months, so not a 19 year old. :)  Crazy part is she was companions in the MTC with one of the ward missionaries that worked with us often on Palawan! Small world.

My favorite part of the day... well that depends on the day but lots of parts are great.  Showering, personal study and bedtime are probably the top 3 followed closely by the time we get to spend with my favorite investigators, LA's or RC's and the time when the sun sets and we are out walking to our next apt while kids are playing everywhere. :)

I will probably be a part of Cavite mission. I have been away too long because all the pronunciation help is coming from people or things here in the Philippines. Ca-veet-eh. Ca soft a like Kah.  not like any of the english words I can think of. sorry. Hope that helps.

They also sell kamote on a stick also dipped in brown sugar.  Kamote is kind of like a sweet potatoe.
Love you so much!

Sister Hamm

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