Monday, April 8, 2013


Sister Hamm and Sister M at the Manila Temple

April 8, 2013

Thanks for the wonderful letters and for forwarding Josh's letter and pics.  I have so much to tell you this week.

So confession time-- this is not false humility, I have never felt so inadequate in all my life than I have on my mission.  Not in a discouraged or poor self-esteem way but just in a humble- I have no skills without the Spirit kind of way.  This is (in my opinion) good because the Spirit is the true teacher not me and it just helps motivate me to always do my best since I know only giving it my all and my very best is enough.  

I found out Sunday that I am TRAINING starting Thursday !!  I can't even explain how I feel.  Nervous a little, excited too.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve God and continually strive to be worthy of the Spirit and increase my skills.

Some cows in a field that we walk through
Other news that may interest you.  Activities on P-day are limited because time is so tight.  Last week we had a Zone activity to a "beautiful spot" but we actually took a wrong turn and Sister M. and I had to come back early (before we reached the place) for an FHE.  But it was all good.  I really wasn't disappointed at all plus I got to wear jeans....  It was a really hot day but it didn't matter.  Wearing jeans felt sooo good after so long not wearing them. haha.

This is "up top" where we do our laundry
So right now is summer here.  It is hotter than.... well I don't know what... but it is hot. I have now given in to using an umbrella to hide from the sun like everyone else here. :)  It isn't as cool as the shade of a tree but it takes the bite of the sun away. It is also summer vacation here.  The let out last week and will return to school in the middle of June... which is also when it will start to be less hot again. :)  It isn't as humid as Virginia here but it has some days that get close.

Another fun fact-- I now know what it feels like to be bit by fire ants. Luckily I only got a couple of bites but it is an interesting sensation.

People here have cars but only some people. Many others just use public transportation.  I have honestly reached the point where it is weird to picture a life without tricycles. haha.  They are really quite wonderful.  The most popular cars are hondas and toyotos. haha.  And vans kind of like our old green one but new and white.

Well, I am really short on time today. Sorry.  Heavenly Father is over all.  He has a plan and if we can just manage enough faith and self-control to follow it He has promised that we can be happy forever in His kingdom.  I know that the gospel is the only sure way to be happy in this life and have peace now and in the life after this.  I love you all.

Sister Hamm
First time since the MTC that I have worn jeans!  It was like
 85 or 90 degrees out but it felt so good to wear jeans!
I'm holding a banana cue.  Fried banana on a stick! 

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