Monday, April 29, 2013


Sister Hamm and her new companion
April 29, 2013

Dear Family,

Thanks for all the love and emails.  Things here are going well.  I am extremely short on time to write this week and I blame Josh's email which was awesome but long. haha.  I hope the picture I send will make up for the short email.  I hope you can see the picture f me and my new companion.  :) 

So this week was great.  The Lord has really been blessing us.  I thought 9f a few more luxuries...  when the other sisters cook for us.  Not only is their cooking delicious but it also saves a lot of time. :)  I ate canned luncheon pork this week and loved it. haha.  Yes Kayla- I like spam. :)

My companion and I have been trying to be more bold this week.  It has been fun to set specific finding goals to help us be brave.  It is like a fun game... we set a goal the night before to share with (example) one modestly dressed female, a man with a watch and wearing a polo shirt.  Or we both have to share to one female and one male before a certain time.  It has been really cool to see the Lord use  our goals to lead us to people.  In fact, there was this one man we talked to because he fit a requirement.  He walked away from us mid sentence but mumbled to talk to the group behind him.  So we did.  Turns out the group behind him contained 2 less-active members, one of which we had a really great cnversation with and ended up telling us how much she wants to come back to church and gave a beautiful, teary-eyed closing prayer.  Such a wonderful blessing from Heavenly Father.

I know that blessings come as we stretch ourselves and do all that we can.  I hold to my previous statements the best things are usually preceded by something hard.  I love you all so much.  Stay safe and have a great week!

Sister Hamm

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