Monday, April 22, 2013

Binawi tapos ibigay

Dear Family,

Thank you for all of the emails.  It is always so wonderful to hear from all of you. It really is a strength to me and I thank you for all the good news and the little details.

Life here is good.  Missionary work is great.  It's amazing how such little things can bring such great joy.  There is this less active that we visited for the first time 2 weeks ago who was really reluctant to let us in and listen. So we went back for the 3rd visit on Thursday and oh my goodness!  She welcomed us in with a smile and was so happy. I was thinking, "what in the world? this is great."  Then as we sat down she went and grabbed her Book of Mormon.  She had read the first 2 chapters.  I don't know how long it has been since she has read the Book of Mormon or if she ever had but it was clear that she was totally changing because of the Spirit she had felt while reading.  It is so amazing and beautiful to see.  My heart was literally soaring the whole lesson. :)

Training is going well.  I swear Heavenly Father just knew I needed the extra hour of comp study to work on my teaching skills. haha.  We are having a great time learning from one another and helping each other improve. Since we are in the 12 week program we have a focus each week for comp. study-- lessons and teaching skills mostly.  It is a good direction but we also practice teaching and making lesson plans for our teachees.

Personal study is up to me.  I usually spend about 20 min in the Book of Mormon and then 30 minutes in PMG and then 10 minutes preparing for lessons we will teach. It is such a great time of day. Just wish it was longer. haha

My Tagalog is coming along. Sister R is helping me a lot.  I can usually say what I want to in a lesson but my grammar when asking questions still trips me up a lot.  I am excited to keep learning more and hope to be a lot more fluent.  It is weird going from a non-native speaking companion to a native speaker b/c stuff I thought I was saying fine she keeps laughing and telling me to pronounce different.  I'm glad I have a Filipina companoin again so I can improve better.

The food here is good.  I was thinking I do miss real chocolate sometimes-- like snickers etc cause it costs like half my food budget for the week. :P But Halo Halo is a great substitute.

What do you consider the best luxury you currently enjoy?
Alright I dont know how to answer this without sounding weird but... probably Merienda's.  Little afternoon snacks that are a big deal here so we get them pretty often.  Free food.  Yay!  That and tricycle rides... but we are having a hard time getting the drivers to not rip us off. :) 
Love you lots! Sorry no more time.

Sister Hamm

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